20. 09. 2023.

Call for applications for free training: Everything you want to know about freelancing

NALED, with the support of the Philip Morris company, and in partnership with the Government of Serbia, is pleased to invite you to the training: Everything you want to know about freelancing.

During September and October, a set of trainings will be held on the new freelancer self-taxation system. We will answer key questions, such as who is considered a freelancer, what rights freelancers have, how to apply for insurance, who can be a payer of income, what self-tax options are available, etc. The training will be led by Milan Trbojević, business mentor and tax advisor and Dušan Roglić, accountant and tax advisor.

The training dates are as follows:
Novi Sad, 27.09.2023. from 11 a.m. in the Science and Technology Park Novi Sad (Fruškogorska 1);
Belgrade, 04.10.2023. from 10 a.m. in NALED Lab (Makedonska 30);
Niš, 11/10/2023. from 11 a.m. in Science and Technology Park Niš (Aleksandra Medvedeva 2a).

The maximum number of applications for each training is 40, while the record of the same will be made according to the time of receipt of applications. 

Please confirm your arrival by clicking on the following linkhttps://shorturl.at/fqBO8 


For additional information, you can contact the specialist for regulatory reform at NALED, Nevena Janjić, by email n.janjic@naled.rs

The cover photo is taken from the following link: Image by Freepik