31. 07. 2023.

Author: Tanjug

Đorđević for Tanjug: 3,400 tax application of freelancers were submitted through the Freelancers portal

For freelancers, the deadline for submitting tax returns and paying taxes for the first and second quarter expires today, and as NALED says through the Freelancers portal, which was created in cooperation between NALED and the Tax Administration, 3,400 tax returns were submitted until this morning, while about 500 in preparation.

"The portal was created to meet freelancers and facilitate registration and payment. Everyone who in the first or second quarter of this year earned income as a natural person from a payer from abroad, that is the first category of freelancer, or earned income from a domestic physical persons, they are obliged to submit their tax application for the first and second quarter in a new way and settle their tax obligations by the end of the day," the head of the Unit for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in NALED, Irena Đorđević, told Tanjug.

You can download the complete content via the following link: https://www.tanjug.rs/ekonomija/srbija/43638/irena-dordevic-preko-portala-frilenseri-podneto-3400-poreskih-prijava-frilensera/vest